Forcing the body to change is an act of the mind bullying the body.  GirlonFire is an anti-bullying method for women that activates internal motivation, provides logic-based strategies, and draws upon the supportive accountability of a women's circle.

Cultivate courage, take progressive steps, and optimize the badass goddess within - so that you can more fully express yourself and be more present for those you love.

This 8 week program focuses on connecting to your optimal eating and exercise habits.  This is NOT about following a diet or a bootcamp, because we've figured out that those things never really last and rarely contribute to our overall growth.  GirlonFire is about cultivating strength in a feminine body, mind and spirit.  It's about customization, understanding your body, and honoring decisions that make you feel and subsequently look like you're on fire! 

It takes a specifically targeted effort in order to connect intelligence with passion and wisdom, while identifying fears/blocks that hold you back.  But it is exactly this process that empowers you to take charge of your own well-being.  GirlonFire creates the environment for each woman to connect to her own path and discover her own personal formula.  This is the only way to develop true strength from the inside-out. 

There are only 12 seats available, so pull-up your big girl panties, take a deep breath and trust that you'll source the courage to walk the path that leads you closer to becoming all you can be!  

The other deets:
  - 8 weekly workshops (Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm) (Starts May 5th) 1138, 10 Ave SW
  - GirlFire progress journal planner workbook. 
  - Copy of the BodyArt Cookbook
  - Professional before and after portrait
Tuition:  $444 upfront or 2 payments of $230  (Click-in to save your spot.)

Your Facilitator: Tanya Lee has 17 years of full-time experience guiding women and men toward fulfilling body transformation that empowers the individual.  She draws from an expansive knowledge base and her own personal adventures across a spectrum of disciplines including yoga therapy, pilates, bodybuilding, martial arts, sport, and tribal dance.


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