Finding your most optimally sustainable formula is not a one-size fits many equation.  It is a personal art that involves broader picture awareness and strategic adjustments on the right layers at the right times. BodyArt Motion partners with you to achieve that!

Girl on Fire Workshop at Sangha Festival - Photo credit: Britt Rose Photography

BodyArtMotion school of transformation strives to support underground leaders, teachers, artists and wellness providers by creating collaborative platforms for workshops, courses, and certifications.   Our focus is toward applying ancient wisdom for modern lifestyle enhancement through Holistic Movement Therapies, Wellness Programs,  Yoga Teacher Trainings, Tribal Dance Studies. 

Our mission is to simplify complex formulas into highly-functional programs that are easy-to-follow and adopt into your daily life.  
We offer small group sessions, courses and educational materials.

BAM has friends in many places from fitness models in magazines to athletes in fight cages - from tribal bellydancers to yogis in ashrams.  One common thread we all share is a desire to be strong healthy and free and to use the body to discover, create and express ourselves.  

At BAM we aim to reach beyond temporary results, routines that wear you down and extreme diets that starve the soul.  This is a journey about what you sculpt for yourself and it starts with how you relate with yourself – how you feel physically and mentally.



At least 1% of all proceeds from BodyArt Motion programs, products and services go to PTSD groups for victims of sex crimes, war and human trafficking. We also intend to setup donation-based classes/events where proceeds go to a chosen organization.