"Let's close out 2014 feeling amazing!  BodyArtMotion challenges YOU to SWEAT EVERYDAY!  
Here are the rules and the prize opportunities! 

- You are challenged to SWEAT EVERYDAY until the end of 2014!
- You can start at anytime
- You can use any form of activity to create your sweat
– It doesn't matter how long you sweat for, just that you sweat
– post your total score on the BodyArtMotion FB page before midnight on Dec31.


- The top 8 scores win a full-color BodyArtMotion 2015 Calendar
- The first place top score wins (in-person or long-distance) our deluxe consultation package = 1 hour PowerAlign nutrition consulting or training session with Tanya Lee, 1 hour FoxyFinish mojo consulting session with Wolf Lawrence, and 1 hour BeautyArt style consultation with Shauna Jayne! 


- Sitting in a sauna/steam = 0.5 point
- Getting your sweat on = 1 point
- Maintaining the sweat beyond 20 minutes = add 1 point
- Posting on Social Media = add 0.5 per post (ie. same post on twitter, fb, instagram = 1.5 points) [posting protocol: either text, video, or photo - along with this caption "bodyartmotion SWEAT EVERYDAY CHALLENGE.  Close out 2014 feeling amazing!" 
- winners will be announced via Social Media on January 2nd, 2015! 




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